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The best steak-frites in town. Our cheerful and dedicated employees serve you promptly, with a simply delicious meal.

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In 1959, Paul Gineste de Saurs purchased an Italian restaurant called Le Relais de Venise in the 17th arrondissement of Paris near Porte Maillot with the intention of developing a market for the wines produced by his family’s winery near Toulouse. M de Saurs decided to keep the operation simple: he retained the Venetian décor, added a ‘L’Entrecôte’ sign outside and offered customers a no-choice menu of French bistrot favourites: a salad starter followed by steak-frites. Whereas most restaurants served steak-frites with herbed butter, he served it instead with a secret recipe sauce containing various herbs, spices and condiments. It was only at the end of the meal that customers were presented with a choice for the desserts and cheeses. This same recipe has entranced visitors to Le Relais de Venise for generations. We keep it a closely guarded secret, for reasons you’ll discover when you have your first taste!

When you dine with us, there is no menu - simply tell your waitress how you would like your steak cooked. Choose ‘blue’, ‘rare’, ‘medium’ or ‘well done’. After a starter of green salad dressed with a tangy mustard vinaigrette and crushed walnuts, you’ll be presented with the best steak frites in town served with our famous sauce. We’ll even bring you seconds (believe us, you’ll want it). Feel free to accompany your meal with one of our specially selected wines. To round off the meal, choose from a selection of cheeses, or a range of divine homemade desserts including profiteroles, meringues and naughty-but-ice cream confections.

For allergy advice, please speak to your waitress

Steak-frites is one of the world’s favourite meals, enjoyed by people of all ages and all walks of life. We’re proud that our restaurants reflect the multi-cultural, cheek-by-jowl camaraderie of the world’s major cities. Our guests are often found chatting between tables or while waiting in the queue outside the restaurant during busy periods (we don’t take bookings). The buzzy atmosphere is one of the reasons so many customers come again and again.


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